Due to some life issues, I've had to put this project on hold. The game will continue to run in the Beta state though. I am looking to get some time next week or after to push some updates and do the reset on the 15th of February.

Added a banner on the main play page which details the current game version, as well as reset time.
Fixed a few title displays for mouse hoverover on the UI to help players understand what things are.
Resolved issues where capslock was preventing hotkeys from working.
Selling gladiators now has a confirmation where you must select yes before selling, this is a QOL improvement to prevent players from accidentally selling their gladiator.
Modified multiple things about gladiators during combat which will require a retuning of adventures and scaling gladiators for training.
Creating an account will now automatically log you into the game so there is no confusion around if it was successful or not.

Refined the UI a bit to make it a bit more appealing.
Added a counter at the top right for the number of items in your inventory.
When logging in, or reloading the chat will now populate the last 50 messages that were in chat. (Private messages will be lost.);
Added 3 new rare creatures to the spawn table, they drop 115/120/125 item level gear and are much harder than the first 2.
Increased spawn rate slightly, as well as creature drop rates for gear.
Resolved a few bugs with inventory not updating correctly when items were recieved.
Cleaned up messaging a bit around when items were found on adventures, it now only tells you how many items were found that were above your loot filters level.

Mythical creatures will now randomly spawn from player actions. These mythical creatures required you to send all your available gladiators to attack and slay.
Mythical creatures drop level 100 and level 110 item gear.
Fixed some random bugs and improved playability a bit.

Multiple reworks of backend systems have been completed to make working on it much more efficient. With this update I have had to wipe the database.
Welcome to the Beta. This beta is scheduled to end on January 25th. I will be doing another reset on that day where accounts are zeroed but not deleted (given I have no major changes I encounter.)
Please report any bugs in the discord, and I will get to work on them as quickly as I can.

Training has been entirely reworked. Its been somewhat merged with the old pits mechanic which has also been removed. Gladiators will now face off against pre defined gladiators which they must defeat in order to earn Experience and Aureus.
Gladiators can now be rewarded items while training which should help players progress through the leveling phase a bit easier, as well as give players gold when reaching level 50 from sold item.
Talents have been tweaked a bit more.
Players can now save their personal settings. This gives you the ability to disable adventure messages, villa messages, system messages and choose a loot filter for adventures. You can access the settings menu via the 'Escape' key on your keyboard.
Adventure loot filter is now active and working. Selecting a filter will prevent items from below the level you select from being brought back home. These items are not sold, they are basically discarded like the player never owned them.
Some UI update tweaks have taken place. Settings should now update correctly when saved and the menu is reopened.
The chance for higher tier items to drop has been reduced slightly. This should make legendaries feel like finding a legendary.
Gladiators, and NPC targets have been entirely refactored when in combat to allow for me to more finely tune aspects of combat. This should help with new talents, and combat skills which are coming out shortly.

Tuned some talents to be a bit stronger as their effects were not really visible after investing in them.
You can now sell items that are found by gladiators on an adventure by clicking on the "Sell Item?" link in chat, This will also remove the message from chat.
Tuned reforging a bit more to make it less likely that it will fail.
Players can now hold 10,000,000 Aureus on both them and in their vaults.
Chat colors have been updated across the board, as well a timestamp is now present on player sent messages.
Fixed a few display issues.
Resolved some issues in gear generation which was putting block on shields well over intended maximum values.
Armor and damage have been refactored slightly in how they are calcuated to better scale with stats and not purely from items.
Adventures which were started with the repeat flag will no longer gain Aureus, and will only bring home items. This it to prevent players from just afk farming Aureus to max.

Talents have been introduced to the game. Gladiators now get talent points for every 10 levels, Spending talent points via the talent point menu (press n on your keyboard) will assign talents to your gladiator giving them combat bonuses of your choice.
You can now view talents descriptions by hovering your mouse over their name in the talent menu
Mutes in chat by moderators and admins are now real and will prevent players from talking. Please be respectful in chat.
Few minor bug fixes, and tuning adjustments.
Critical damage is now 1.2x base damage down from 1.3x base damage. This can be increased via talents, and other means in the future.
A new system for when gladiators hit level 50 is being worked on that will give gladiators a random skill from a weighted list of options. These combat skills will range from combat round regenration, extra strikes, increased crit multi, and much much more. These will add a layer of uniqueness to gladiators, and cannot be changed once its been learned.
A new item type has been created. Relic. Relics will offer varying combat bonuses but no adjustments to gladiator stats. A better explanation will be given when they are fully implemented and players can find them. They will be adventure obtained only.

Reduced the Aurues reward from adventures as it was way to high given the time and ease of farming them.
Adventures can now be repeated, a new menu option should be available when starting adventures which allows you to reapeat them. This heals the gladiator automatically if injured.
Fixed issues in adventure message generation and duplicate adeventure messages being delivered.
Diana's favor has been activated and you should start to see her effects in combat (pve/pvp) (0-15% increased damage).
Favor loss per day has been increased.
Modified the maximum numbers of a few villa resources to limit players a bit more from becoming resource hoarders.
Secured some chat features, which were not exposed yet but could lead to issues if exploited.
Resolved some math rounding issues in number display and saving to eliminate decimals in a few random cases.
Added a new much harder adventure, The siren Sisters, where you gladiator will venture to the Island of the Sirens and face the siren triplets for up to level 75 gear.

Corrected some bugs around gladiator information updates and the correct data being displayed on the UI.
Resolved an exploit around Adventures which was not exploited, but resolved it before anyone could notice.
Ceres favor has been activated but needs tuning, the values are still too low given the cost. This will be corrected.
Reforging items now has a chance to lose just the item, or both item and Aureus. The chance for failure has also been reduced.
Crafted equipment is now 15% stronger, the rest of items under legendary are about 5% stronger across the board.
A new system was written for managing experience gains for gladiators which should make future changes to bonuses for experience much easier to implement overall.
Pits, Training, and Adventures have all slightly been tweaked to be more performant.
An issue with the messaging system was discovered and fixed. You might have a large swath of messages your next login.
Players are now set inactive after 120 hours of no activity in game. This means that 5 days after your last action you will no longer get incremental gains from villas, or any other bonuses unless you log in. You will also lose all messages stored once you become inactive.
Added multiple admin features to force reloads, logouts, security checks, and much more to ensure bad actors can be managed timely.
Moderators and Admins can now mute other players via the chat with the /mute [playername] command. There will be more chat commands to come.
Players can send messages to other players again, simply type /m playername: message and your message will be delivered to the player. Offline players will recieve their message upon login.
Fixed and issue with new account creation, as well as resolved all the accounts created so they could log in.

I've redone the entire cache layer for the game to make it much more efficient and require much less cpu / memory for request to get all the data the need and ensure its not stale.
Arena PVP should be working again, you can challenge players to duels with gladiators.
Updated the way items are calculated and displayed, having nothing equipped will now show "nothing" in the slot.
Work on talent points has begun, You will see a new green number beside your selected gladiators level, This indicates unspect talent points. Talents will be unique selections players can make to boost specific aspects of their gladiators in combat.
Increased some security behind the scenes just to make sure players are safe if the game were to be hacked.

Adventures have been reworked entirely. They now are for level 50 players only, and have the potential to drop much better gear than what can be crafted.
Gear can now be Crafted, Sold, and Reforged. Crafted gear does not have that great of stats, but you can attempt reforging it for additional Aureus with a chance to lose the item.
The UI has been updated slightly to better fit items display, and larger number counts on citizens and military units.
The Favor system has been partially implemeneted. This system will allow players to worship gods and sacrifice gladiators to them for additional bonuses in war, resource gain and much more.
The Ludus has been removed from the villa, it has been replaced by the Castrum. Leveling your castrum will decrease the amount of time it takes to recruit military units.
Community events are also in the works. These will be events where Rare mythological creatures will invade the world needing to be attacked by all gladiators available. This will allow you to send ALL of your healthy non adventuring gladiators to attack this creature. Players will be rewarded when the creature dies (if it does in time) by participation. The more damage the more rewards for players.
I've also started working on implementing a quest system which will reward players for finding rare items on adventures, or during community events which will grant rewards gear and much more.

The new pits have been released. You will now be challenged by an npc gladiator which is generated to be roughly equally powerful as you. Rewards have been increased, but all losses now result in being injured.
Healing cost has been reduced slightly to help offset the new difficulty of the pits.
Added an option to cancel adventures that gladiators have been sent on.
Entirely revamped the adventure system, reduced rewards, duration, and difficulty of some adventures to be more tuned for their required levels.
Added a new adventure 'The Colosseum' Which is for level 50 gladiators. This is a very difficult adventure which you are pitted against 3 of Romes most powerful and famous gladiators
Corrected a bug in resource cost calculations for building upgrades
Increased logging clarity with new coloring and font manipulations. Also added combat log output to pits battles.
You may now send citizens out in search of new lands. The more land you have the more difficult the ability to find new undiscovered land becomes. Citizens may also die in the process of seaking new lands so be warned.
Updated calculations to resource use / gain hourly when units are purchased or lost, as well as population changes.
Added a random chance for nomads to join your villa as citizens each hour. This chance is small but should happen atleast once a day.
Various bugs around data transmission and updating the display have been resolved.

Multiple bugfixes have been implemented across the game.
HTTPS support has been enabled. You should play from https://rometg.com instead of http:// for security purposes.
Changed the networking setup of the backend to be able to utilize multiple servers if we ever start lagging.
Implemented some coloration around system messages sent to the chat to help distinguish them more from players talking.
Villa buildings have been enabled, and can now be upgraded given you have the required lumber, stone, and aureus.
Implemented interest which is gained hourly from aureus stored in the vaults of your villa.
A new login page has been created which displays active user count as well as corrected autofill settings.
Created this page which details changes to the game.
Balanced the way some stats were calculated in arena duels where players who had very high fortitude would basically always win fights.
Increased the maximum number of workers that can be hired. You will be able to hire more the higher the level of their respective resource building.
Adjusted maximum storage values for resources. You can now only hold 200,000 aureus on your character, 1,000,000 in the vaults of your villa. 500 stone and lumber, and 50,000 food.